DSC_4820Additional Resources for Farm Families Planning Tours

Want to make your farm a memorable experience for those who visit on a tour? Take advantage of any of these resources below.

  • Tips from the Experts” — Here is what a few of the most seasoned dairy farmer tour guides offered up as the essentials in planning and executing farm tours.
  • Discover Dairy Pre-Tour Lesson —  If you’re having an early-elementary class visit your farm, this lesson is a perfect way to set the stage for what they are going to see. Teachers can download the “Discover Dairy — Makin’ Cows Smile!” video from the Elementary Animal Care Lesson page to accompany the lesson.
  • Discover Dairy Activity Page — Download this one-page master to print out and share with students when they visit your farm.Tips from the Experts. It’s fun, engaging and invites them to continue to discover dairy after they leave your farm.

In addition to these items, you can order resources from the Center for Dairy Excellence to add to your tour experience. Discover Dairy bookmarks, a “Milk from Cow to You” poster and a Discover Dairy poster are all available. Complete the form below to let us know what you need. These items are provided at no cost, with good faith that they will be put to good use. Please use appropriately!

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