Educational Video Resources

Check out these great videos provided by organizations such as American Dairy Association North East, Midwest Dairy Council, Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association and the Center for Dairy Excellence. They provide illuminating views of the dairy industry and life on the farm.

Follow Milk’s Journey
From a Farm Family Near You
Calf Care: Where a Lifetime of Caring Begins
Welcome to Lamb Farms
Welcome to Eildon Tweed Farm
Discover Dairy...and Animal Care!
Discover Dairy...In Our Environment!
Discover Dairy...and Nutrition!
Discover Dairy...In Your Community! (Middle School)
Discover Dairy...In the Environment! (Middle School)
48 Hours in 48 Seconds
Does Farm Size Matter?
7 Breeds of Cows
Investing in Sustainability
Welcome to Walnut Ridge Dairy
World Milk Day – Fill a Glass with
Discover Dairy...and Milk Safety!
Discover Dairy...In Our Community!
Discover Dairy...and Animal Care! (Middle School)
Discover Dairy...In Milk Safety & Quality (Middle School)