Educators 6th – 8th Grade

Science ClassApply science concepts to real-life scenarios on the dairy farm through this interactive, engaging lesson series. Discover Dairy features four two-part lesson plans for middle school level students, with each lesson designed to take about 50 minutes of classroom time, plus two optional 30-minute lab opportunities to reinforce concepts learned. Lessons tie into Common CORE and STEM standards for math, science and reading and address concepts such as selective breeding, balanced diets, food safety and chemistry, recycling nutrients, natural and capital resources, and the economy.

Click on the links below to access each individual lesson. All materials including video motivators, guided reading selections, lab worksheets, and teaching tools can be downloaded from the individual lesson page.

  • Lesson One: Animal Health — This lesson reinforces the role that dairy plays in the “MyPlate” Food Guide and shows students how farmers have been able to increase milk production without compromising food quality.
  • Lesson Two: Milk Quality & Safety — This lesson reinforces the safety of our food supply, while demonstrating how milk is produced with safety in quality in mind and how dairy products are made from milk.
  • Lesson Three: Dairy in the Environment — This lesson reinforces how important our environment is, while showing students how farmers take natural resources and turn them into capital resources while caring for the environment.
  • Lesson Four: Dairy in the Community — This lesson reinforces how money flows through a community, while showing students how farmers support the local economy through producing a product and supporting local businesses.

Additional enrichment opportunities include a Children’s Literature List, the “Adopt A Cow” year-long opportunity, a dairy pen-pal opportunity and dairy-focused computer games to reinforce concepts learned through Discover Dairy.