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Virtual Farm Tours

Have you ever wondered how milk is produced? Or how long it takes for milk to get from farm to table?

We invite your classroom on a LIVE Virtual Farm Tour to a dairy farm through the various tours provided to you for FREE from farms and organizations across the country. Click the “Upcoming Tours” tab to learn about the next virtual farm tour you can sign up for, or check out the other tabs to find past recorded tours to share with your students.

What is a Virtual Farm Tour?

Virtual Farm Tours connect you directly with a real modern dairy farm for a live video tour and chat with a farmer, without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Using video chat technology, you will get a peek at barns, cows, and more as they see and learn firsthand how dairy farmers care for their cows, the land, and produce delicious milk for you to enjoy.

Take a LIVE Virtual Farm Tour of an Arkansas Dairy!

Have you ever wondered where your ice-cold milk came from? Or how long it takes for milk to travel from farm to table? Your classroom is invited to join us for a LIVE Virtual Farm Tour of Triple A Farms in Arkansas on Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021, 9:00-9:45 a.m. (CST).

TEACHERS: Upon registering for this event, you’ll receive confirmation and reminder emails with a link valid for ONE DEVICE ONLY to connect to this event, intended for a teacher to present to a classroom of students. If other teachers wish to join from their own devices, they must register separately to receive their own unique link to join.

CLICK HERE to Register
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Upcoming Tours
Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
General Tours
Walnutdale Farm (Pre K - 2nd Grade) - Michigan
Horning Farms (K to 2nd Grade) - Michigan
Dutch Hollow Farm (K-3rd Grade) - New York
Reid Dairy Farm (3rd-5th Grade) - Michigan
Ritter Dairy Farms (3rd-5th Grade) - Michigan
Will-O-Crest Farm (4th-6th Grade)-New York
El-Vi Farms (4th-6th Grade) - New York
Dutch Hollow Farm - New York
Will-O-Crest Farm-New York
El-Vi Farms-New York
Boadwine Farms- South Dakota
JoBo Holsteins-Gettysburg, PA
Sand Creek Dairy - Michigan
Maple Bottom Farm - Dawson, PA
Pennwood Farm - Berlin, PA
JoBo Holsteins-Gettysburg, PA
Cow Comfort Inn-Maryland
Superior Dairy - Indiana
Mil-R-Mor Farm - Illinois
Trailside Holsteins
Hildebrand Farms Dairy - Kansas
SwissLane Farms - Michigan
Green Meadow Farms – Michigan
Homestead Dairy - Indiana
Rickreall Dairy - Oregon
Rickreall Dairy Calf Barn - Oregon
Valley Grove Dairy - Michigan

Educational Video Resources

Check out these great videos provided by organizations such as American Dairy Association North East, Midwest Dairy Council, Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association and the Center for Dairy Excellence. They provide illuminating views of the dairy industry and life on the farm.

Dairy Moments - Where Does Milk Come From?
Dairy Moments - Dairy Farm Tour
Follow Milk's Journey
48 Hours in 48 Seconds
From a Farm Family Near You
Does Farm Size Matter?
Calf Care: Where a Lifetime of Caring Begins
7 Breeds of Cows
Welcome to Lamb Farms
Investing in Sustainability
Welcome to Eildon Tweed Farm
Welcome to Walnut Ridge Dairy
World Milk Day – Fill a Glass With Hope
Discover Dairy and Animal Care
Discover Dairy and Milk Safety
Discover Dairy In Our Environment
Discover Dairy In Our Community
Discover Dairy and Nutrition
Discover Dairy and Animal Health (Middle School)
Discover Dairy in the Community (Middle School)
Discover Dairy in the Environment (Middle School)
Discover Dairy and Milk Safety & Quality (Middle School)

Learn It!

Adopt A Cow

Forget the guinea pig. How about adopting a 1,500-pound dairy cow for your classroom mascot? Don’t worry about finding a pen big enough to hold her. The photos and stories we’ll send you about her life on the farm will make her “come alive” for your students!

Throughout the school year from November to May, you receive bi-monthly updates about your adopted calf with the opportunity to live chat with your calf and host farmer at the end. And the best part about this program… it is completely free! So what are you waiting for? Learn more about registration and participation by clicking “Learn More.”

Learn More

Virtual Learning Library

With many schools transitioning to virtual learning, Discover Dairy is committed to providing free digital resources and curriculum to help educators give students a virtual look at the dairy industry.

Makin’ Cows Smile

In this virtual lesson, students will learn what it’s like to operate a dairy farm and receive an introduction to animal health. By the end of the virtual lesson, students will be able to describe dairy farming as a way of life, list three ways farmers care for their cows, and list three to four…

View The Full Lesson

Read It!

Books about dairy farms and dairy foods are the perfect addition to your classroom library! Search by topic to find the perfect book to go with each lesson topic. Click here to download the list of books.

Farm Families on the Family Farm
Robyn Buttars
Target Grade: 2nd - 4th
Buy The Book
From Grass to Milk
Stacy Taus-Bolstad
Target Grade: K-3
Buy The Book
What Happens at a Dairy Farm?
Kathleen Pohl
Target Grade: K-2
Buy The Book
Jules Older
Target Grade: K-3
Buy The Book
Who Grows Up on the Farm?
Theresa Longenecker
Target Grade: K-3
Buy The Book
Dairy Plant
Angela Leeper
Target Grade: P-2
Buy The Book
From Milk to Ice Cream
Kristin Thoennes Keller
Target Grade: 1-3
Buy The Book
Counting Cows
Woody Jackson
Target Grade: P-K
Buy The Book
Cows and Their Calves
Margaret Hall
Target Grade: K-2
Buy The Book
Let’s Make Butter
Eleanor Christian & Lyzz Roth-Singer
Target Grade: 1-2
Buy The Book
Ice Cream for You
Harley Chan
Target Grade: 1-3
Buy The Book
Animals on the Farm
Sue Barraclough
Target Grade: P-1
Buy The Book
John Deere, That’s Who!
Tracy Nelson Maurer
Target Grade: P-3
Buy The Book
Clarabelle: Making Milk and So Much More
Chis Peterson
Target Grade: 4-6
Buy The Book
Out and About at the Dairy Farm
Andy Murphy
Target Grade: 2-3
Buy The Book
Louis Pasteur and Pasteurization
Jennifer Fandel
Target Grade: 3+
Buy The Book
The Best Ice Cream That Ever Was Licked
Rebecca Lyons
Target Grade: 2-5
Buy The Book
From Milk to Cheese
Roberta Basel
Target Grade: 1-3
Buy The Book
Cows on the Farm
Rose Carraway
Target Grade: 1-2
Buy The Book
Making Butter
M.C. Hall
Target Grade: K-2
Buy The Book
Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish: Tales of the Dairy Godmother
Viola Butler
Target Grade: K-2
Buy The Book
All About Cows
S.S. Tsung & Sarah Tsung
Target Grade: P-1
Buy The Book
Life on a Dairy Farm
Judy Wolfman
Target Grade: K-4
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The Milk Makers
Gail Gibbons
Target Grade: K-5
Buy The Book
Chocolate Milk, Por Favor!
Maria Dismondy
Target Grade: K-5
Buy The Book
Walk a Mile in My Farm Boots
Phillip Herr
Target Grade: 3-5
Buy The Book
How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?
Chris Butterworth
Target Grade: K-3
Buy The Book
A Year on the Farm with Casey & Friends
Holly Dufek
Target Grade: K-3
Buy The Book
Dairy Queen
Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Target Grade: 7-9
Buy The Book
The Calf on My Farm
Stephanie White
Target Grade: K-2
Buy The Book
Baby’s Very First Slide and See Farm
Fiona Watt
Target Grade: Ages: 0-4
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Milk From Cow to Carton
Aliki Brandenburg
Target Grade: K-4
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Farm Nursery Songs
Jessica Peters
Target Grade: P-2
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Play It!

Games and activities are a fun way to put your dairy knowledge to the test! Click on the game of your choice and join the fun.

Download It!

Download classroom materials like graphics and posters to print and use in your own classroom for FREE! Click here for a full list of links to each graphic and poster.