Adopt a Cow

A year-long FREE experience in your classroom

Forget the guinea pig. How about adopting a 100-pound dairy calf for your classroom mascot? Don’t worry about finding a pen big enough to hold her. The photos and stories we’ll send you about her life on the farm will make her “come alive” for your students! The best part? It is FREE!

Important Note: Registration has been EXTENDED! Sign up by September 25th!

  • This program is completely FREE! No costs from beginning to end.
    • If you’d like to donate $30 during registration and receive a free Cow & Journal Kit, you can. The kit includes a plush stuffed cow, a classroom journal, and journaling activities to do throughout the year! Donation is NOT required to participate. The program IS FREE!
  • No approval process! Once you complete and submit the enrollment form below, your classroom will be registered to adopt a cow for the current school year.
  • Registration for each academic year is from August 1 to September 25.
    • The Registration HAS BEEN EXTENDED from Sept. 15 to Sept. 25!
  • No information will be sent out until the calves are born and registration is closed (by November).
  • IMPORTANT! To receive the updates, please mark the email “” as a safe sender email. Otherwise, your updates are likely to go into your spam folder.
  1. November: Introductory email (sent via email) and kit with details about the host farm and calf (sent via snail mail) are sent. The first 100,000 registrants will receive this mailer, everyone else will receive their information digitally only.
    • NOTE: The mailed kit is only for traditional educators in the United States. All other groups, home school groups, virtual groups, and out of country registrants will receive the materials in a digital form.
  2. January: Update #2 is emailed.
  3. March/April: Update #3 is emailed.
  4. April/May: An opportunity to live chat your calf and host farm via YouTube.
  • You teach in a traditional classroom setting.
  • You are homeschooling your kids/family members/friends.
  • You run an after school program.
  • You facilitate a library program.
  • You have an agriculture program at your museum or kid’s center.
  • You are one of the above and are teaching/leading from in or outside of the United States (yes, anyone can join the program, even from New Zealand!)

Throughout the program, you’ll find out what her name is, when her birthday is, where she lives and how the farmer takes care of her. We’ll also send photos of the cow, activity sheets for the students, a PowerPoint full of information and photos, and a suggested lesson that follows Common CORE standards through email.

We encourage classes to fully engage in this program and even write letters to their calf and host farm family, not only to practice their writing skills but also to show their love for their calf. In the end, we keep you posted on her progress while you and your students enjoy the cuteness of your adorable calf. The Adopt A Cow Program is just one of many ways to Discover Dairy in your classroom!

  • Does the Adopt A Cow program cost anything?
    • NO! The Adopt A Cow program is FREE for everyone to enjoy! If you’d like to donate during registration, you are welcome to. If you donate $30, we will send you a gift of a stuffed cow, special Adopt A Cow journal, and journal activities for your class.
  • How do I register for the Adopt A Cow Program?
  • I missed the deadline for registration, can I still sign up?
    • We are sorry, but the deadline is a hard deadline. In order for the program to start on time for all of the registrants we have to cut off the registration right on September 15, 2021 at 12:59PM EST. We welcome you to join us next year!
  • Who can participate in the program?
    • The Adopt A Cow program is written for in-classroom learning, but it can easily be adapted for anyone to use it! This includes after school programs, out-of-school programs like 4-H and scouts, libraries, nursing homes, and more!
  • When do I find out about my calf?
    • You will receive an email with your adopted calf by the end of October 2021 via email.
  • Why do you need my mailing address?
    • If you are one of the first 100,000 to sign up, you will get a photo of your calf and your official adoption certificate mailed to you in November 2021. We hope you enjoy.
  • How do I contact my farmer?
    • Later in October we will share the link to use to connect with your host farmer via email. We do not provide the farmer’s personal information or address. Our contact form works well, and we hope you use it to contact your farmer!
  • Can I write letters to my farmer and calf?
    • Absolutely! Please realize, these farmers are receiving many letters and it isn’t realistic for them to write back, but please know they LOVE getting your beautiful letters in the mail. It brightens their day. Please send all your letters to us and we will pass them along:
    • Dairy Excellence Foundation, Attn: Brittany Snyder, 2301 N Cameron Street, Suite 407, Harrisburg, PA 17110
  •  Do I get my very own calf?
    • The Adopt A Cow Program works diligently to provide an individual experience for everyone involved. However, as a FREE program, we do only work with about 100 calves in the program, and we expect there to be more than 100,000 registrants this year. We do adopt each calf multiple times to provide everyone with a calf.
  • When will I get updates about my calf?
    • We will announce your calf adoption in October, and send updates in January, and March. In between the updates, we will provide updated height and weight information about your calf and will share photos and videos as we get them from our host farms.

See sample introductory packet.

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