Educate students about where their food comes from while also teaching math, science and reading standards. The Discover Dairy Lesson Series is an interactive cross-curricular, multi-leveled program that meets state standards. It is designed to demonstrate where milk comes from and the many ways dairy farms contribute to our world. In 2014, the lessons were rewritten to incorporate Common CORE and STEM standards. There are five lessons included in the series, with each including a video motivator, comprehensive lesson plan, reading guide, overhead transparencies or iPad graphics, and assessment-based worksheet.

Lesson One: Makin’ Cows Smile.

Dairy farming is a way of life. In the first Discover Dairy lesson, students will learn what it’s like to operate a dairy farm as a career and business. It will then introduce students to animal health, teaching them ways farmers care for their cows. The lesson will also touch on other dairy-related careers.

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Lesson Two: Keepin’ It Fresh.

How does milk get from the cow to the consumer? By the end of this lesson, students will know the steps that milk takes through transportation from beginning to end. The lesson will also touch base on the farm regulations that ensure safe and quality milk products. Lastly, students will learn the process of pasteurization.

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Lesson Three: Goin’ Round and Round.

To have successful farms, there must be clean water. This lesson will explain the importance of connecting the farmer, the consumer and the environment. Students will learn the roles dairy farmers fill in protecting our environment, such as recycling.

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Lesson Four: Handin’ It On.

With this lesson, students will learn how dairy farms contribute and impact consumers, retailers, communities and other dairy farmers. Students will also learn how milk and farm products come from healthy, natural resources.

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Lesson Five: Choosin’ Keeps You Cruisin‘.

Dairy is an important part of the everyday diet. In this lesson, students will learn how choices affect their diet, health and nutrition. They will then explore the number of servings needed from each food group in the “MyPlate” Food Guidelines.

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Additional enrichment opportunities include a Children’s Literature List, the “Adopt A Cow” year-long program and dairy-focused computer games to reinforce concepts. You can also ask Discover Dairy questions at our “Contact Us” page.