Welcome to the Dairy Princess Portal. This portal is only for the county and state dairy princesses and committee members to submit their monthly Discover Dairy Incentive forms.

To all promoters completing this form:

  1. Please make sure to complete all of the information accurately and honestly.
  2. Submit your month’s incentive by the 7th of the following month.
    • Example: June 2021 incentive report is due July 7th by 11:59PM.
  3. Attach any necessary photos or files to complete your submission.
  4. You must click “Submit,” to submit your report. Until you click the Submit button, your incentive report has not been reported.
  5. Click on the following links for more details on submissions:
  6. Here is a Tutorial Video on how to submit your report:

Thank you to all the amazing promoters for using Discover Dairy in your promotion efforts! If you have any questions, please email Brittany Snyder at bsndyer@centerfordairyexcellence.org.

Additional Information: CLICK HERE for the Dairy Princess Request Form

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