Learn About Dairy Farms and Dairy Farming in the US

DSC_4519Dairy farm families across the US and around the world work hard to take good care of their animals and the land to produce safe, high quality dairy products for you and your family. In Pennsylvania, where Discover Dairy originated from, there are 7,370 dairy farms with about 530,000 milking cows producing 10.7 billion pounds a milk each year.

Nationally, there are more than 51,000 dairy farms with over 206 billion pounds of milk produced annually from 9.26 million cows. Translate the total milk produced into gallons, and that is 23.96 billion gallons of milk produced each year in this country. That milk is processed into many products — including fluid milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and many other foods — and is sold in the country and exported around the world.

Ninety-eight percent of dairy farms in the US are family-owned businesses, and dairy farms bring much more than milk to the table. Every nine cows supports one job somewhere within the agricultural and food industries, while each cow generates about $13.737 in economic revenue, according to the University of Minnesota. When you have a local dairy farm in your community, it benefits your neighbor in so many ways — through providing local, fresh dairy products, good jobs for the people in the community, revenue to fuel the economy, and wide open spaces to filtrate the water supply and clean the air.

If you are interested in learning even more about US dairy farms, here are two good websites to visit:


logoDairy Gooda website that offers information about the dairy farm, as well as recipes and updates on a variety of programs available from the National Dairy Council and America’s dairy farmers.


dairyspotDairy Spot — this website is made available through the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association and has a special “Dairy Farming” section where you can learn more about what happens on a farm. Games and activities for kids, as well as family-tested recipes can also be found here.


To learn even more about how dairy farm families contribute to our world, explore the “Discover Dairy Lesson Series” and find out what hidden treasure lies within our nation’s dairy farms.