Makin’ Cows Smile

In this virtual lesson, students will learn what it’s like to operate a dairy farm and receive an introduction to animal health. By the end of the virtual lesson, students will be able to describe dairy farming as a way of life, list three ways farmers care for their cows, and list three to four dairy-related careers.

For Students

  1. Watch the Discover Dairy and Animal Care Video below. Follow along with Video Notes.

  2. Expand on what you learned by watching the Makin’ Cows Smile Virtual Learning Video.

  3. Reference the Makin’ Cows Smile E-Book to answer questions throughout the lesson.

  4. After completing the lesson activities, review with the Lesson 1 Worksheet.

For Teachers

  1. Create your own test using these Assessment Questions.

  2. Assign the Writing Enrichment option to compare and contrast.

  3. Task students with the Design Your Barn option using materials at home or computer design.