Adopt A Cow Testimonials

“My two bilingual classes really appreciate this experience and they love the activities! We decided to paint a costume for our calf Pearl. The students in the Spanish class are very happy with Pearl!”
Sarahi Briseno, Jerome Schools
“We love Brooklyn and hope to meet her one day! Thank you Discover Dairy and Bell family for all you do to educate us on the love of a dairy farm. We couldn't believe how 97% of dairy farms are run by families wow! and we have learned many amazing facts!!”
Daniel & LeAnn Smith, Homeschool Family - Eastover, NC
“We have been having so much fun learning about calves, what they need to live, the equipment they have in the barn, and all the work you do to take care of them. We still play with the barns and cows we made that were in the Adopt A Cow lesson...Some of the students told us that when we were tasting the white and chocolate milk that they didn’t like white milk. We had them taste it and they liked it and they said that it was the best milk ever because it was from Amber (their adopted calf's mother). Funny how kids will think something and there is no changing their minds. Now their parents say they are drinking white milk again! We will never forget all that we have learned. You left an important imprint on us.”
Maureen Barrett, Gordan B Attersley - Oshaway, Ontario
“We were blessed to have adopted Millie! We love her SO much! Today the girls started lesson 1 and learned all about what farmers do to take care of cows. They also completed the STEM project to plan, design, and create a sample stall that Millie would love. They were given access to anything in our craft drawer. Here is their finished product. Thanks for this program, we are having a blast learning and receiving Millie updates. ”
Crystal Couch, Homeschool Family - Virginia