IMPORTANT: Cow Kits are only available to order from August 1 to September 15 for Adopt A Cow program users.

While participation in the Adopt A Cow program is free due to generous support from our supporting partners, teachers who enroll can add to the experience by donating $35 to receive the “Cow Kit.” The Cow Kit includes a stuffed cow, a classroom journal, a sticker sheet, a digital activity guide filled with content to use in your classroom, and a mini journaling lesson. More than 5,000 teachers received a Cow Kit last year.

What do they have to say about their kits?

  • Each student had a couple of days to take “Lovie” home and write about it in the journal. This was our favorite thing!!!” – Tiffany Smith, AL
  • “Loved it! It seemed to make the experience much more real for them.” – Paula Lamarre, MA
  • “My 5th graders were so excited about the plush! They loved it and I had to keep it displayed in the room.” – Katherine King, GA

If you wish to donate and receive a Cow Kit, please follow the directions below:

  1. Enter your contact information.
  2. Select the cow kit you wish to receive. The age group selected does not need to match your Adopt A Cow registration. If your students are at a different learning level than the grade they are in, then select the kit that works best for your students.
  3. Type the number of kits you would like to receive. Typically, this would be one per class. Each additional kit is an additional $35 donation.
  4. If you would like additional stuffed cows (one already comes with the kit), enter the number of ADDITIONAL cows you would like to add. Each additional cow requires an additional $15 donation.
  5. If you would like additional journals (one already comes with the kit), enter the number of ADDITIONAL journals you would like to add. Each additional journal requires an additional $6 donation.
  6. Click NEXT
  7. Confirm that your mailing address and kit selections are correct.
  8. Enter your credit card information.
  9. Click SUBMIT.

There are only 5,000 Cow Kits available this year. Make sure to claim your kit before we are sold out!

Thanks for signing up for the Adopt A Cow program! At this time, the Cow Kit form is closed and we are no longer accepting orders. We appreciate your understanding. 🙂