Welcome to Discover Dairy! We hope you enjoy using our online curriculum to make dairy come to life in your classroom. This request page allows you to request materials to be sent directly to you at no cost. 

To the teachers, agribusiness professionals or dairy promoters completing this form:

  1. Please complete this form with the correct mailing information. If something isn’t spelled correctly, your materials may not deliver successfully.
  2. Material Notes:
    • Welcome Packets and the Farm Field Trip Lesson is for teachers. Promoters and agribusiness employees can also request for distribution.
    • Farm Tour Packet & Guide is designated for dairy farmers.
    • Activity sheets and coloring books are available to anyone.
  3. If you have any questions, please email Discover Dairy at info@discoverdairy.com.

Thank you for teaching dairy in the classroom! Our future dairy producers, consumers, and advocates will have you to thank for inspiring them to love dairy. 

Due to a recent spike in requests for materials, we are now out of stock. We are sorry for any inconvenience but we look forward to providing you with Discover Dairy materials again soon once our restock orders are fulfilled. Thanks in advance for being patient.

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