Each year our innovative Adopt a Cow Program shares dairy’s story with students across the globe and right in your local community. By sponsoring Field Trip Grants, which are an extension of this program, you have an opportunity to give more students a direct, on-farm experience to supplement what they’re learning through Adopt a Cow. A farm you work with is part of our Adopt a Cow Program to give students a firsthand look at a working dairy farm. Help them – and us – inspire young minds about agriculture by supporting this program.

Click here to view sponsorship levels and benefits. Fill out the form below to make your sponsorship/donation online via credit card. You can also print and mail the form back to us with a check:

Dairy Excellence Foundation c/o LeeAnn McLaughlin
2301 North Cameron Street, Room 407
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Email LeeAnn McLaughlin if you have any questions.

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