Discover Dairy designed the Curious Clover book and activity to encourage students of all ages to build curiosity about the world around them. After reading the book, take Clover with you to the community park or library by coloring and designing your own Clover. We encourage students to also explore where their food comes from. Check out the dairy aisle in the grocery store to see what dairy products are made from milk, just like Clover does in the book.

Curious Clover is a FREE experience for everyone to enjoy! Feel free to share this eBook and activity with your friends and family. As you travel the world with Clover, make sure to snap some photos of your experiences with Clover and post them on social media, using the hashtag #WheresCuriousClover and tagging Discover Dairy. Clover can’t wait to go on adventures with you!

Have you read the book? Share your experience with us at, we would love to hear from you!