Celebrate National Farmers Day on October 12

Did you know National Farmers Day is happening next week on October 12? Here are two creative ways to celebrate!

  • Participate in the STEM Virtual Farm Tour at 1 p.m. ET on Oct. 12.
    See STEM in action while we celebrate National Farmers Day with a virtual farm tour! The 45-minute live tour of Sanborn and Sons Dairy Farm in central Michigan will showcase how dairy farmers use Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) on the farm. Farmer Justine will show where the cows and calves live, what they eat, and how she uses data to make decisions.

    Age group? This farm tour is open to all classrooms but will target secondary students.
  • Write a message to your host farmer. You’ll be finding out who your host farm is in only two days on October 10! Once you do, your students can celebrate National Farmers Day by using our Contact Your Farmer tool to send a personalized message to your host farm. The tool allows you to mail handwritten letters/drawings or send an e-message to the farmers. *Note: Our host farms love receiving mail, but they will likely not have time to respond. Please know that they appreciate all of the fan mail!

    Suggested messages: 1) A thank-you message for being your host farm 2) A few things students are excited to learn 3) An appreciative message about how farmers spend so much time caring for their land and animals.

    Age group? This tool is open to everyone but is ideal for elementary and middle school students.