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Vote for the Most Kissable Calf

Discover Dairy’s Adopt a Cow program has been “love at first moo” for classrooms across the globe this school year! This February, join us for a fun contest to help share the love for your adopted calf. Use the poll below to vote for the most kissable calf by clicking on one of the photos….

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Adopt a Cow Program Helps Pre-School Students Make Early Connections to Agriculture and Environment

In De Pere, Wisconsin, Jayne Black is showing her pre-school students how agriculture connects to so many different parts of their lives. With a personal interest in the environment and “turning schools green,” Jayne works to help her students become green leaders and find ways to make schools more sustainable. When she heard about Discover…

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Second-Grade Students Enthusiastic About Adopt a Cow Program in Suburban West Virginia

As a second-grade teacher in Wheeling, West Virginia, Bennett McKinley has found a creative way to boost excitement and enthusiasm with his students: by “adopting” a cow from a working dairy farm. With more than 30,000 classrooms participating in Discover Dairy’s Adopt a Cow program this school year, the program is impacting more than one…

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