What Happens When a Calf Is Born?

As you get ready for your calf announcement on October 17, it’s not too early to start introducing the world of dairy farming to your students! Here are a few videos and resources to help your class learn how calves are born and how they are cared for from their first day of life.

Age group? These calf-focused resources are ideal for all ages.

  • Live Birth Video: To see what a birth is typically like for cows, watch this video from The Calving Corner. From 5:06:44 to 6:10, you can watch the cow go into labor and deliver her calf – and even watch the newborn calf walk for the first time. You could ask your students this discussion question to get the conversation started: How much do calves weigh when they are born? (Typically 50-100 pounds)
  • What Happens When a Calf Is Born? Have you ever wondered what happens when a calf is born? What do they look like? How big are they? Where do they live? Farmers go to great lengths to make sure that their cows and calves are healthy and well cared for. This article shares more about the birth process on the farm.
  • Calf Care 101 Video: How do dairy farmers take care of their calves so they can grow to be productive members of the herd? In this 15-minute video, Meadow Spring Farm in Pennsylvania introduces you to some of the calves on their farm and some of their calf care best practices.
  • Veterinarian Describes Calf Care: Dr. Fred Gingrich, a veterinarian and Executive Director of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, explains how dairy farmers care for their calves from a vet’s perspective. Watch the three-minute video.