Videos About Dairy Farming to Share With Students

If you’re looking for an indoor activity this winter to take your Adopt a Cow lessons to the next level, check out both of these informative videos! Your students will learn more about dairy farming and how cows nourish the world.

Q&A Video With Farmer Pam

Farmer Pam from Selz-Pralle Dairy, who many of you may recognize from the Adopt a Cow program, took some time to answer your frequently asked questions about dairy farming (and your adopted calf) in this engaging, 15-minute video.

How Do Cows Nourish The World?

In this short, 2-minute video from The Dairy Alliance, learn more about milk and its 13 essential nutrients. Watch the video to learn about milk’s amazing, bone-building nutrients and how milk can help build a healthy immune system. This video could connect to any health or nutrition lessons you might be planning.