Flower Cheeseboard Recipe Idea

Try this spring-themed Flower Cheeseboard, which features cream cheese and lemon curd for a sweet, spring snack.
– Cream cheese
– Lemon curd
– Walnuts (optional)
– Grapes (optional)
– Figs (optional)
– Gouda cheese (optional)
– Berries (optional)

1. Find a cutting board or some other tray to use as a cheeseboard.
2. Spread cream cheese on the board in multiple petal shapes/flower leaves.
3. Drop a dollop of lemon curd into the middle of the cream cheese flower petals. 
4. Add optional garnishes and snacks to the board such as walnuts, grapes, figs, gouda cheese, berries, etc. Serve with bread, crackers, cookies or other fun treats!