Thanksgiving Kitchen Table Activity with “Farmers Fuel the World” Lesson

In this activity, your students can learn how their Thanksgiving food gets to their kitchen table sustainably. The hardworking farmers across the country are behind every piece of food they eat during the holiday season. What dairy products will they have during their meal? Encourage your students to talk to their family members and ask which dairy products are used in recipes for Thanksgiving. Students can make a list and report back when they return to school. 

To build on this idea, these “Farmers Fuel the World” lessons on will teach students about:    
> Environmentally sustainable agriculture practices that farmers use. 
> Food systems and how farmers use them to deliver food from farms to schools while caring for the environment.
> Careers available throughout food systems in the U.S., including scientific, technological, and agricultural fields.  
Age group? These lessons are ideal for high schoolers, but you can simplify them for elementary/middle school students with the Thanksgiving food activity above.